Our Team

We are Onesource Water

Executive Team

  • John Pavlovich


    John joined the Onesource Water (OSW) team in January 2012. John formerly worked as the COO of ArchivesOne, a super-regional, full-service storage business that grew from $5M to $50M in revenue and sold to Iron Mountain (NYSE: IRM) in 2007. Additionally, John has been a partner at Blum Shapiro a Connecticut based regional accounting firm. John is a graduate of Hamilton College and has a masters degree in accounting from the University of Hartford. He is a member of the AICPA and is an accredited business valuation specialist. He was previously employed at Arthur Andersen, specializing in financial consulting and valuation matters. John has earned the CPA and CFA credentials.

  • David Putt


    Dave joined the Onesource Water (OSW) team in October 2013 as its Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Finance and IT. Prior to joining OSW, Dave was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Data-Mail, Inc., a private, full service direct marketing company with over 850 employees. Dave is an expert with enterprise software, and designing and implementing scalable and low cost back office business processes and performance management systems to increase profitability. He has spent over 15 years in professional services working at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, Geller Services and Blum Shapiro Consulting helping companies manage growth. Dave is a graduate of the University of Miami (FL) and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the State of Connecticut.

  • Jay Rick

    VP of Sales

    Jay joined the Onesource Water (OSW) team in January 2014 through OSW’s acquisition of AquaPure, one of the largest point-of-use sales and service providers of bottleless drinking water systems and office coffee services in the Midwest. Jay joined AquaPure as a Sales Manager from its inception in 1997 after a successful career as a Sales Executive with IKON Office Solutions. As General Manager of AquaPure, Jay facilitated the growth of the business to more than 12,000 systems in Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, and Illinois. Jay holds a BA in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas.

Our History

Onesource Water was founded in 2005 with a tight focus on growth and customer service. The company grew rapidly through organic sales and by offering a great selection of bottleless water coolers providing super customer solutions.

Onesource water has been an industry leader in the botteless water market for over a decade. As one of the largest operators in the space, Onesource Water has developed and defined innovative growth strategies.

In August 2010, Onesource Water began a transition process from a regional, formative business to a national, professionalized business. An Investor group recapitalized the business and new leadership joined the team. Since 2010, Onesource Water has augmented its customer service initiatives and accelerated Its growth strategy.

Onesource Water is focused on customer service, operational excellence and profitable growth.

Our Vision

Onesource Water is building and growing—and our compass is our Vision Statement. This is what guides us as we evolve and serve our customers and team members.


Our purpose is to build an exceptional entrepreneurial company in the bottleless water cooler industry that consistently exceeds the managed expectations of our customers, team members, and shareholders.


While perfecting customer service, pursuing operational excellence and expanding current margins we will transform Onesource Water into a 100,000 cooler company by 2018. We pursue quality concurrently with scale and will grow in a controlled and deliberate fashion.


We enthusiastically provide reliable, systematic quality customer service. The concept of doing things right the first time is embedded in our organization. With accurate and precise systems, processes, automation and industry leading training, we can be consistent providers of service to our customers.

We act with integrity. We provide the best, and most appropriate, water solutions for our customers’ needs. We treat our customers, and every other constituency involved with our organization, as we would expect to be treated.

We foster fairness and commitment among Team Members in a positive work environment. We treat our team members with respect. We are loyal to those team members that are conscientious and hardworking.

We act profitably. We think and act profitably in all areas of our business. We make smart, data driven decisions that create value for our customers, Team Members and shareholders. This includes being creatively frugal in our business approach.

We are open to new ideas and improvement. We initiate, and embrace, positive and constructive change. As we grow we discover many creative ways to improve how we do business. We encourage continuous improvement in our people, our operations, and our technology. Improvement and change are embraced and celebrated.

We plan, set goals and measure our performance by keeping score. Measuring and tracking every part of our business will ensure accountability, focus and smart decision-making. We consciously craft purposeful plans and quantifiable goals that we can frequently track.