Nothing but Pure Water

The end of bottled water.

What is Bottleless?

Bottleless is different than traditional water solutions. Here’s how:


We take water from the tap and purify it right on the spot.


Water goes through a 5-step filtering process.


A stainless steel, hermetically sealed holding tank keeps water pure.


A digital control panel dispenses water while keeping dirty hands away from spouts, while also giving you constant feedback and system status.


Water temperature can be adjusted to your preferred output temperature— even producing boiling water for your tea or soup.


The process typically costs less than traditional solutions.

Imagine the time and cost savings! No Hassle. No lifting, no spilling, no storage—no running out of water. Environmentally—and office—friendly!

How It Works

  • Self-Cleaning and Oxygenating

    Self-Cleaning and Oxygenating

    Water goes through an oxygen injection and is sanitized in the tank, eliminating microbiological contamination and delivering the purest, cleanest and freshest-tasting water.

  • No Dirty Hands Near Your Water

    No Dirty Hands Near Your Water

    A digital control panel keeps hands away from the water spout significantly reducing contamination and the spread of germs and bacteria amongst staff. Keep your staff healthy and happy.

  • High Tech Controls and Monitoring

    High Tech Controls and Monitoring

    An advanced control system monitors oxygen injection, filter life, water quality and all other system functions. The LCD display provides constant feedback and enables easy system programming.

  • Choose Your Water Temperature

    Choose Your Water Temperature

    Not only can you adjust the water output to your preferred temperature, but it also provides near-boiling water: perfect for tea, soup or a warm bowl of oatmeal

5-Step Purification

How do our bottleless water coolers purify water?

5-Step Purification

How the process works:

  1. A sediment filter eliminates dirt, rust and silt.
  2. A carbon block filter removes chlorine, solvents, chemicals & organic impurities.
  3. A reverse osmosis membrane removes nitrates, arsenic, lead, mercury & pharmaceutical by-products and other impurities.
  4. After the second carbon block filter, the now-pure water is funneled to a stainless steel tank.
  5. Activated oxygen is injected and eliminates 100% of all microbiological contaminants.